Chat Bot

Chat bot


Chat bots are AI Powered software that can simulate the conversation with users in natural language.

Using the wotnot development platform Jylek is also engaged in developing chatbots for our customers.

AI powered chatbots are becoming an essential part of every business which help businesses to reduce cost, increasing scalability and increasing customer satisfaction.

BENEFITS OF chat bot

A chatbot-development platform to help businesses engage more users.

Seamlessly integrates with your current workflow.

Easily fits into your internal systems.

Quick Deployment


24*7 Service

Chatbots work round the clock to cater to your customer’s queries, making your business accessible outside operational hours.

Quick Response

No more waiting in long queues as bots are able to instantly query that you have.

Unlike a human agent, a bot can serve multiple customers at a time.

Personalize customer experience with conversations in native languages.


Accelerate onboarding processes. Whether that is prospects, new customers or employees.

Cut down on hours spent by human agents on simple queries, thereby increasing employee productivity.

Waiting Time

Provide instant response to your customer’s queries thus reducing waiting times and increasing customer satisfaction.

User friendly

Talk to your customers in a personalized & contextual manner. Don’t lose the human touch.

Seamlessly transfer the chat bot to an experienced human agent, when the bot is unable to answer the query.


Bots never gets tired or frustrated, no matter how the visitor is. The quality of conversation never drops.

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