Know Your Social intelligence(SQ)/ Intelligence Quotient (IQ)


    Personality and aptitude tests are designed scientifically by experts to understand your personality. They are based on the science of Psychometry.

    It is very important to know what you are and what are your personality traits. It is even more important to know your aptitude, your bend of mind and inclination. Most of the times otherwise we see ourselves through the eyes of others, through the burden of the past and through the immediate responses to situation.

    Knowing yourself is key to planning your success in career, in education and in life. The discussion and counselling session is especially useful for growing up as person and become more peaceful, composed, self assured and thereby more successful.

    • Knowledge about self, your mental makeup will help you to plan your career, relations and life
    • You will have more self-esteem, confidence, and assurance about the things which happened and are happening with you.
    • You will be able to overcome problems like depression, feeling low, rejected, confused and in general lost in your life.
    • Plan for your education and job in tune with your personality and aptitude.

    • The counselling session will be of 1 hr for individual, it can either in person or virtual session.
    • The aim is to help the person to discover himself or herself. To help the person to succeed in the life mission. Hence the close interaction is a must.
    • If adult it is not mandatory but if need be his parents or life partner may be told to join as per the situational need. If it is for child  then the arrangement is the child and both parents will be attending it and participating as per the questions raised. In rare cases one of them will be told to withdraw from session  for some time if it is felt that the child is enable to open out.
    • A detailed test report will be given after the test and the counselling session will be either online or offline depending on location.

    Address for In Person Session :

    Vivekananda Prabodhini, Suvidyalaya, Vazira Naka, Borivali – West.

    Level 3 :

    • General people who want to know EQ & SQ for making more peaceful life.

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    Course Curriculum

    Know Your Social intelligence(SQ)/ Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
    Personality Test 3 00:15:00
    Counselling Session
    Live Session with Dr Narendra Joshi 01:00:00
    Followup Session
    Live Session with Dr Narendra Joshi 01:00:00
    • $400.00 $100.00
    • 365 Days

    Course Mentor

    Dr Narendra Joshi

    Dr Narendra Joshi

    Dr Narendra Joshi, Dean Academics of Jylek Enterprises LLP and also Project director of Vivekananda Prabodhini, a project in mentoring students for all types of Competitive Exams especially for IAS, IPS, IFS cadre (UPSC), MPSC, Banking, Defence and Insurance.

    He is a masters in Engineering and PhD in Sri Aurobindo Studies with his research in philosophy and futurology of Artificial Intelligence.

    He also has several certifications in Management, entrepreneurship and Quantitative techniques from ISB, IIM-A, NEN. Dr. Narendra has authored several papers, articles and a book and has a research, academic and industrial experience of more than 25 years.

    He is a trained facilitator and counsellor who has provided counselling and mentoring to several students and professionals so far.