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Course Conducted By : Indian Dental Academy

Course Mentor :  Dr. Hanoch Kumar & Dr. Neeharika Naidu

Course Level : Basic Level

Note:  On receipt of course fees, you will be provided login ID, password & link, within 24 hrs on your registered email id, for getting access to the courses.

This course deals with various aspects of  oral medicine & radiology related to radiographic age estimation, forensic odontology, contrast radiography, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of  oral medicine & radiology.

Series of detailed lectures for all the subjects from first to final year  B.D.S

Helps students preparing for university Exams, New NEET, NBDE, MOH, DHA or any foreign entrance examination.

Course Duration – 1 Year. 

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Course Curriculum

Radiographic Age Estimation
Forensic Odontology
Contrast Radiography
Extraoral Radiography
Principals of Radiographic Interpretation
Projection Geomentry & Image Properties
Digital Radiography
Radiographic Techiniques
Radiation Biology & Health Physics
Radiation Physics
Films, Grids & Processing
CVS & Respiratory Diseases
Git and Renal Diseases
Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
Hematological Disorders
Para nasal
Oral Cancer
TMJ Disorders & TMJ Radiography
Orofacial Pain & Headache
Pigmented Lesions of Oral Mucosa
Transmissible Viral Infections
Diseases of Tongue and Taste Disorders
Gingival Hyperplasia
Salivary Glands Disorders and Imaging
Benign Tumors of Oral Cavity
Precancerous Lesions & Conditions Oral Cavity
Red Lesions of Oral Cavity
White Lesions of Oral Mucosa
Developmental Anomalies of Teeth
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  • 365 Days