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Science of Designing A Winning Resume

  • Anushree

Resume is the only tool which makes the first impression of you in the mind of reader/recruiter or interviewer. What story are you conveying through your resume? It is very important for you to understand the science of resume writing, understand what pattern of thoughts is running in the minds of reader through your resume.

Once you understand your objective of writing the resume and reader’s objective of reading the resume, it becomes easier to map the journey. How we do it? It is important for you to understand how it is designed?

Course Duration : 2 Hours.

LIVE Session Timing : Saturday 8 pm – 9 pm & Sunday 11 am – 12 pm IST.

  • Visual Resume, Virtual Resume, Video Resume.
  • Complete funnel from opening your resume to getting a call from recruiter.
  • Know top 5 things that an interviewer looks for in your resume
  • 8-12 seconds is what you have once your resume is opened
  • How to share a story through your resume
  • Step by Step guide on creating your resume
  • Recent trends in resume writing

  • Fresher
  • Experience upto 10 years of experience

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Course Curriculum

Science of Designing A Winning Resume
Live Session with Jogesh Jain 01:00:00
  • $80.00 $20.00
  • 7 Days

Course Mentor

 Jogesh Jain

Jogesh Jain

Jogesh Jain is the founder of J.J.School of Employability. An institution aims at bridging the gap between what education provides v/s what corporate expects.

Jogesh Jain is an Author and an Employability Coach based in Mumbai, India. He has touched the lives of 5000+ students with his sessions in last five years.

His research about Employability is widespread and encompasses twenty-five top economies of the world.

Future skills are the need of the hour. Jogesh is simultaneously working on children so that they imbibe Employability Skills at a childhood level.