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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

  • sopan dose
  • pramod pawar

Visual Basic Editor (VBA) is a programming language developed by Microsoft. VBA certification is most sought after skill across many industries. Wonders of this language are reflected in the ease with which it enables create user-centric and intuitive functions and applications.

VBA & Macros helps automate tasks that are done frequently or repetitively. VBA helps in creating customised functions which help in efficiently dealing with vast amounts of data and enables the user to produce impactful presentation of results. All this with minimalistic fuss and straightforward codes!

  • Intro to features of the VBA Environment – Objects, Controls, Modules and Forms.
  • Practical applications of features- Objects, Controls, Modules and Forms.
  • How to write codes in VBA to perform various tasks using various powerful and useful functions.
  • Case studies covering real world problems from domains such as Finance, Sales and Actuarial Science.

All finance professionals and students who want to learn from the best institute for online VBA training. Every professional who wants to create customized functions, deal with vast amounts of data and deliver impactful presentation of results while saving lot of time and effort.

  • FRM Certified Course
  • Downloadable Videos gives you 24/7 offline access
  • Downloadable PDFs for Lifetime
  • Prepared by Corporate trainers
  • 100% Placement Assistance provided
  • Course Completion Certificate will be provided

Level 1
  • Lecture 1.1 : Introduction to VBA
  • Lecture 1.2 : Beginning With Macros
  • Lecture 1.3 : VBA Environment
  • Lecture 1.4 : Objects
  • Lecture 1.5 : Message Box And Input Box
  • Lecture 1.6 : Macro Using Logical Functions
  • Lecture 1.7 : Date And Time Functions
  • Lecture 1.8 : Looping Part 1
  • Lecture 1.9 : Looping Part 2
  • Lecture 1.10 : Data Filters
  • Lecture 1.11 : Debugging Codes and Data Filters
  • Lecture 1.12 : Userforms
  • Lecture 1.13 : Creating Charts
  • Lecture 1.14 : Some Important Functions
Case Studies
  • Lecture 2.1 : Net Present Value Part 1
  • Lecture 2.2 : Net Present Value Part 2
  • Lecture 2.3 : Operations Management

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  • Most Linux Distributions
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Course Curriculum

VBA 06:00:00
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  • 45 Days