Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Sales Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="958"] [accordion title="Are these courses online only or is there any classroom coaching also?" connect="958"] Some courses offer online live classroom sessions. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I access jylek course on my Smartphone?" connect="958"]Yes, you may access courses on smartphones. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I access the online training sessions on my Smartphone?" connect="958"]Yes, you may access online training sessions on smartphones. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I get an online instructor support early in the morning?" connect="958"]Online instructor support can be availed during online classes. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I get any discount for the courses listed?" connect="958"]Jylek offers discounts during various periods. Look for the announcements on jylek.com Home Page. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I get technical support In case I get stuck somewhere in the course?" connect="958"]Online technical help is available during 9.30 AM IST and 5.00 PM IST Monday to Saturday. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I have a shorter duration course for instance a 1 month course?" connect="958"]Duration of the course is as defined by Mentor for each course. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I have one online training session as a demo so that I can decide?" connect="958"]We are planning to add a few demo sessions. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I pay in installments for the course?" connect="958"]You can pay in installments during the payment. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I request for a different time slot for online training sessions in between the course?" connect="958"]Time slot for training can be changed if a seat is available in another time slot. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I request for extra training sessions, if I don’t understand the concepts?" connect="958"]Extra training sessions can be offered, however Mentor would take a decision. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I select the time slot when I want the online trainer session?" connect="958"]You can select the time slot from the available slots. [/accordion] [accordion title="Can I select the trainer whom I want to interact with?" connect="958"]Mentors for each course is pre-decided. Hence you can interact with the mentor of the course. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Course Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="137"] [accordion title="Do you have any corporate training programs?" connect="137"] Courses available on jylek.com can be offered to corporates. Corporates can share any specific course requirements. [/accordion] [accordion title="How do I join the online training session?" connect="137"] You may join the online live training by clicking on the link provided on the course page. [/accordion] [accordion title="How much Internet bandwidth is required for accessing the course and online trainer sessions?" connect="137"] For accessing course videos min. bandwidth required would be 512 Kbps and for live classroom, it would be min. 1 Mbps.  [/accordion] [accordion title="How much time should I spend daily to complete the course?" connect="137"] Course schedule is mentioned on each course page. [/accordion] [accordion title="How course works?" connect="137"] For self paced learning, course videos have to be seen and after each video or a set of videos, an assessment needs to be taken. On obtaining min. marks, a certificate of completion is provided by the Instructor. For Online live sessions, learners need to attend live classes and practice sessions. There would be an assessment or a live project. Instructor would decide min. marks for obtaining completion certificate. [/accordion] [accordion title="How to register and pay for the course?" connect="137"] Learners can register on the home page by clicking log in & Create an Account. Fill the required details and submit. An activation link is sent to the registered email ID. Check your email folders for activation email, click on activation link for completing the registration process. Please visit the course page and click on Take this Course and complete Checkout & payment using your credit/ debit cards or net banking. You can opt for EMI option for paying in monthly installments. [/accordion] [accordion title="I don’t have Credit / Debit card or Net banking account. Is there any other mode of payment available?" connect="137"] Please contact our online support. Our bank details will be provided for direct transfer. [/accordion] [accordion title="If I take up a course can I interact with a trainer daily?" connect="137"] You can interact with trainer during online classroom sessions. You can send specific requests through online support and we will try to arrange the interactions with Trainer depending on availability. [/accordion] [accordion title="In case I miss an online training session, will it be conducted again for me?" connect="137"] You can access the recorded sessions on course page. [/accordion] [accordion title="Is language support available?" connect="137"] At present courses are available in English. [/accordion] [accordion title="What is live instructor support?" connect="137"] Live instructor support is available through chat during live classroom sessions.  [/accordion] [accordion title="What is the difference between classes with and without live instructor?" connect="137"] Classes without instructors are with recorded videos and assessments. [/accordion] [accordion title="What would be the duration of each live training session?" connect="137"] Each live session last between 1 to 2 hours. [/accordion] [accordion title="Will I get any books to read along with the course?" connect="137"] Depending on each course, instructor may provide reading material on course page. [/accordion] [accordion title="Will I get to interact with the same trainer for my entire course?" connect="137"] You may interact with same trainer for entire course. [/accordion] [accordion title="Will I get to interact with the trainer during the online training sessions and clarify my doubts?" connect="137"] Yes [/accordion] [accordion title="Will this course really help me improve my skills?" connect="137"] All courses are carefully selected with an aim to improve skills. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Payment Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="137"] [accordion title="When do I have to pay the fees of the course – is it before joining or after joining? Can I pay it in installments?" connect="137"]Fees are to be paid before joining the course. Payments can be done in installments. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Trainer Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="720"] [accordion title="How do I get to know whether the trainer is good for training me?" connect="720"] You may view course reviews and instructor details. [/accordion] [accordion title="How does the trainer conduct online classroom sessions?" connect="720"] Trainer conducts online classroom sessions using Zoom Meetings tool. [/accordion] [/agroup]

System Requirements Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="998"] [accordion title="Do I need to install any software for attending the online live classes?" connect="998"] You need to install Zoom meeting client available at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207373866-Zoom-Installers [/accordion] [accordion title="What are the system requirements to access the Jylek online course?" connect="998"] System requirements for live online classes are at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362023-System-Requirements-for-PC-Mac-and-Linux [/accordion] [accordion title="What are the prerequisites needed to attend online training sessions?" connect="998"] You can join courses through latest browser (mention system requirements) and for joining online classes, please download Zoom Meetings at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/207373866-Zoom-Installers [/accordion] [/agroup]

Course Certificate Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="958"] [accordion title="Will I get a certificate after completing the course?" connect="958"] You can get certificate after completing the course. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Placement Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="958"] [accordion title="Will I get job placement assistance after successfully completing the course?" connect="958"] Placement assistance is mentioned on the course page. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Customer Care Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="958"] [accordion title="Customer Support" connect="958"] If you have any question that is not answered here, please Call us : +91 2224360161 we will get back to you soon. [/accordion] [/agroup]

Office Questions

[agroup first="0" connect="958"] [accordion title="Where is the company office located?" connect="958"] Jylek Enterprises LLP office address: 816, 8th Floor, Sunshine Tower, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai 400028 India [/accordion] [/agroup]
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