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Free Practice Test for SSC, UPSC, MPSC, IBPS, SBI Exam
Course Mentor – Dr Narendra Joshi
Mental ability, logical reasoning , verbal and nonverbal reasoning and all such tests are very important for most of the competitive examinations. The students and professionals aspiring for any of these examinations which qualify them for most coveted careers in Civil Services, like UPSC, MPSC, Banks, Insurance, Management, Defence in public sector and Management careers in Private sector need to master these skills painstakingly to succeed in such examinations.
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Courses conducted by Dr Narendra Joshi.
Dr Narendra Joshi, Dean Academics of Jylek Enterprises LLP and also Project director of Vivekananda Prabodhini, a project in mentoring students for all types of Competitive Exams especially for IAS, IPS, IFS cadre (UPSC), MPSC, Banking, Defence and Insurance.
He is a masters in Engineering and PhD in Sri Aurobindo Studies with his research in philosophy and futurology of Artificial Intelligence.
He also has several certifications in Management, entrepreneurship and Quantitative techniques from ISB, IIM-A, NEN. Dr. Narendra has authored several papers, articles and a book and has a research, academic and industrial experience of more than 25 years.
He is a trained facilitator and counsellor who has provided counselling and mentoring to several students and professionals so far.

This course is suitable for 10th/12th grade.
Anyone who aspire for higher education/career.

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