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  • Courses conducted by Rekha vaghela.
  • A versatile Human Resource professional with more than 12 years of experience in Corporates in Learning and Development with Organizations Like India Medtronic, Pirmal Healthcare and Adfactors PR.
  • Human Values Facilitator and Freelance Eka Counsellor with CFMID more than two years.
  • Completed MMS in Human Resource and B.Com from Mumbai University. Done M.Sc. in Values Education and Spirituality. Certified MBTI Professional and Personal Counsellor.
  • Keen interest in Spirituality and Value Education. Believes in innate potential and enjoys nurturing the UNiQ talent of Children to live their passion.

  • Learn to lay foundation of Habits that brings Successful Character in Children
  • Learn to act Assertively with Children
  • Learn to practice Self Discipline for Children’s Advantage
  • Learn to make Child Responsible and Independent in Thinking
  • Learn to develop Self-censorship in Children

This course is recommended for Parents with children with age 1 to 15 years.

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