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Course Mentor :  Dr. Nikita Advani 
Course Description

This course deals with various aspects of endodontics related to tooth numbering systems, nomenclature, concepts in cavity preparation, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of  endodontics.

This course includes topics such as tooth numbering systems, nomenclature, concepts in cavity preparation, dental caries, treatment planning for operative dentistry, concepts of occlusion, armamentarium in operative dentistry, isolation of operating field, amalgam restorations, pulp protection, glass ionomer restorations, adhesion to tooth structure, composite resin restorations, direct filling gold, matrices, retainers and wedges, pin retained restorations, non carious destruction, dentin hypersensitivity, cast gold restorations, die materials and preparation of dies, gingival tissue management, pain control in operative dentistry, endodontics – an introduction, clinical diagnostic methods in endodontics, endodontic emergencies, diseases of dental pulp, diseases of the periradicular tissues, vital pulp therapy, apexogenesis and apexfication, rationale of endodontic treatment, principles of endodontic treatment, case selection and treatment planning, endodontics instruments for cleaning and shaping, anatomy of the pulp and access cavity preparation, working length determination, cleaning and shaping of root canals, irrigation and intra – canal medicaments, problems in cleaning and shaping, obturation of root canal system, root canal sealers, post endodontic restoration, tooth discoloration & bleaching, management of traumatic injuries, endodontic surgeries, tooth resorption, lasers in endodontics.

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What you will get?

Yes Course Accessibility: 24/7 access.
Yes Course Duration : 1 Year.


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