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Course Mentor : Dr. Neeharika Naidu  
Course Description

This course deals with various aspects of general medicine related to anemia, bleeding and clotting disorders, syphilis, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of general medicine.

This course includes topics such as anemia, bleeding and clotting disorders, syphilis, rubella and malaria, tuberclosis, herpes zoster and diptheria, aids, infectious mononucleosis, mumps and measles, entric fever, hypertension , acute rheumatic fever, rheumatic valvular heart disease, infective endocarditis, ischemic heart disease, plureal effusion, bronchiectasis, tumours of lung, pneumonia and copd, congenital heart disease and congestive cardiac failure, asthma, diabetes mellitus , agromegaly, thyroid disorders, cushings syndrome and addison’s disease, calcium metabolism and parathyroid harmone, cranial nerve examination, examination of comatose patient, balance diet and pem, avitaminosis, lymphoma, leukemia, jaundice and hepatitis, headache and facial pain, facial nerve palsy , trigeminal neuralgia and meningitis, epilepsy, generalised lymphadenopathy, stomatitis and gingival hyperplasia, dysphagia and acid peptic disease, acute glomerulonephrits and renal failure, diarrhea, ameobiasis and malabsorption.

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What you will get?

Yes Course Accessibility: 24/7 access.
Yes Course Duration : 1 Year.


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