Master your Whole Brain and Unleash the Power

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Course Mentor : Dr Narendra Joshi
Course Description :

Human brain is a powerhouse of possibilities. But we hardly use it even to the hundredth of its potential. This is because most of us do not even know the basic structure and functioning of human brain. The course introduces basic brain parts, their significance, the concept of Whole brain and basic neuroscience in the language which even layman can understand. It will stress the need and importance of unleashing  brain power.

It will also discuss right hand and left hand brain, using all quadrants and parts of the brain. Apart from general tests student will take some tailored tests and discuss own experiences and cite examples from their life during this course to imbibe the content and experience the gigantic power that is lying dormant in each one of us.


Course Duration 4 sessions of 60 minutes each.

Start Date :  Mutually Convenient.

LIVE Session Timing : Mutually Convenient.


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