Nurturing Values through Stories – Personal Coaching

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Course Mentor : Ms Rekha Vaghela
Course Outline :

Children are parent’s greatest treasure. Like a gardener, they need to take care of their growth and overall development. One of the most important responsibility of the parents is to give psychological, moral, spiritual and social wellbeing of the child. This leads to child’s balanced development along with best academic education. If children are taught right values at the right time, they will be happy, contended and grow up as an ideal Human being.

One of the important technique is Stories through which children imbibe values in their Intellectual and Psychological outlook. Parents play very important role, type of stories you introduce to your child which are rich in ancient Culture and Heritage in history shown by real people and not based on fictional characteristics.


Course Duration : 2 Hours
Start Date : Mutually  Convenient
LIVE Session Timing :  Mutually Convenient


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