Oral Medicine & Radiology


Course Mentor :  Dr. Hanoch Kumar & Dr. Neeharika Naidu  
Course Description

This course deals with various aspects of  oral medicine & radiology related to radiographic age estimation, forensic odontology, contrast radiography, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of  oral medicine & radiology.

This course includes topics such as radiographic age estimation, forensic odontology, contrast radiography, extraoral radiography, principals of radiographic interpretation, projection geomentry & image properties, digital radiography, radiographic techniques, radiation biology & health physics, radiation physics, films, grids & processing, cvs & respiratory diseases, git and renal diseases, bleeding and clotting disorders, hematological disorders, harmones, para nasal, oral cancer, tmj disorders & tmj radiography, orofacial pain & headache, pigmented lesions of oral mucosa, transmissible viral infections, diseases of tongue and taste disorders, gingival hyperplasia, salivary glands disorders and imaging, benign tumors of oral cavity, precancerous lesions & conditions oral cavity, red lesions of oral cavity, white lesions of oral mucosa, developmental anomalies of teeth.

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What you will get?

Yes Course Accessibility: 24/7 access.
Yes Course Duration : 1 Year.


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