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Course Mentor :  Dr. Abdul Rehman & Dr. Abdul khaliq 
Course Description

This course deals with various aspects of  oral medicine & radiology related to radiographic age estimation, forensic odontology, contrast radiography, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of  oral medicine & radiology.

This course includes topics such as malocclusion – in general, etiology of malocclusion, classification of malocclusion, management of some common malocclusions, theories of growth, basic concepts of growth & development, post natal growth and development of craniofacial structures, morphological development of craniofacial structures, development of dentition and occlusion, biology of tooth movement, biomechanics, removable orthodontic appliances, diagnosis and diagnostic aids, cephalometrics, skeleton maturity indicators, model analysis, fixed orthodontic appliances, anchorage, methods of gaining space, expansion, extractions, retention and relapse, soldering and welding, oral habits, myofunctional appliances, interceptive orthodontics, preventive orthodontics, orthopaedic appliances, surgical orthodontics, cleft lip and palate, mini implants.

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What you will get?

Yes Course Accessibility: 24/7 access.
Yes Course Duration : 1 Year.


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