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Course Mentor :  Dr. Sravya  
Course Description

This course deals with various aspects of  periodontics related to perio regeneration, dental implants, gingivectomy, etc, the course will help to prepare for university exams, revision for entrance exams and also concept of  oral medicine & periodontics.

This course includes topics such as perio regeneration, dental implants, gingivectomy, mucogingival surgery, ressective osseous surgery, flap surgries, curettage, plaque controle, general principles of periodontal surgery, treatment plan & supportive perodontal therapy, prognosis, advance diagonstic aids, inter relationships – perio-ortho , perio-endo , perio-prostho, food impaction , tooth mobility , splints, trauma from occlusion, dental calculus, host modulation therapy, furcation involvement & its management, periodontal pocket, necrotizing ulcerative periodontitis, chronic periodontics, gingival enlargement, desquamatous gingivities, acute gingival infections, age changes in periodontium, classification of periodontal diseases, gingival inflammation – stages, cementum, periodontal ligament, clinical features of gingiva.

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What you will get?

Yes Course Accessibility: 24/7 access.
Yes Course Duration : 1 Year.


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