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About White Knight Ventures EDU

White Knight Ventures EDU is a part of White Knight Ventures, New Delhi, India. It is a rapidly growing organisation in the quest of imparting top-of-the class knowledge. Our team consists of dynamic and experienced professionals from fields like Finance, Risk Management, Marketing, Strategy and Robotics.

WKV EDU undertakes Classroom and On-Demand Training of students, academics and corporates. We also undertake research projects and consulting work with corporates from around the world to keep ourselves on the cutting edge.

Our strength lies in the innovative offerings to institutions and corporates. We are engaged in continuous improvement of content and processes to enhance the quality and cost competitiveness in order to build value for our customers.

  Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time  – Benjamin Franklin

Contact Us

A-315, Derawal Nagar
Near Delhi University (North Campus)
Delhi-110009, India.

+91 8076456526 ,

+91 9015696833 ,

+91 9013489020

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