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WordPress LMS: Start your online education business.

An all in one education software that works! WPLMS is an easy to use Social Learning management system for WordPress. Create and sell courses online, collaborate with instructors, earn commissions. Grow your audience and earn more money !
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Social Learning Management System
for Modern education.

Collaborate with Instructors. Build community. Get more students. Earn more money.



Instructors, Schools, Colleges and Universities

Social LMS which enables you to start your very own social network for your school, college or University.

Corporate Training Centers & Institutes

Students learn courses in groups with managers/administrators managing students and grades.

MOOC, Courses Hub & Professional coaching

Invite instructors to collaborate, create and sell courses on your site and earn commissions.

Key features



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Featured Packed For Education

All these features are included and much more.

Front end Course creator

Easy to use front end course creation panel, instructors do not need to see wp-admin area.

Course Management

Front end course management features, add students, remove students, see student activity, scores, reports, statistics and more.

User Dashboards

One stop area to update & notify Instructors and Students. Show statistics, graphs, news, downloads and much more.

Activity Recording

User activity recording, see what your users did and when on your site, in your courses.

Notifications, Messages & Emails

Inbuilt notifications, messaging and emails at 30+ action points to keep students and instructors updated.

Collaborate & Commissions

Invite instructors to publish and collaborate for courses. Earn commissions on course sales and distribute.


Includes an inbuilt REST API and oAuth server to integrate with web services and mobile platforms.

Incredibly Flexible

Comes with tons of inbuilt hooks and filters which allow a lot of customizations right within the framework.

Quizzes & Questions

Static Quizzes, Dynamic quizzes, Sections quiz with manual and automatic evaluations. 8 Type of questions, MCQ, MCC, TF, Sort, Drop,FillBlank,Select Drop, text and essay.

Badges & Certificates

Award course badges and certificates. Certificate code validator and share your achievements on social networks.

Upload Assignments

Student homework and upload assignments. Manual evaluation of assignments with remarks.

Mobile APPs 

Mobile apps with offline mode for better reach and education.


Integrates with popular WordPress plugins

WPLMS integrates with your favorite WordPress plugins. eCommerce, Memberships, Affiliates and contact forms.


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