Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

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What is RPA ?

  • Robotic Process Automation is a process in which Repetitive and Rule Based Tasks are automated using Bots which has AI sense and cognitive analysis. 
  • RPA  also increases ROI as Bot works 24*7*365 days without human intervention.
  • As Bots are automated, they require less or negligible human intervention, leveraging employees to concentrate on more decision making and intellectual tasks thus boosting the employee’s morale and satisfaction.
  • Bot has cognitive analysis features that bot learns, understands and then does the things. Bots are used to retrieve dark data that comprise 80% of the organization data. 


Reduce Human Error

100% Accuracy

In RPA process,there is less Human intervention ensuring minimum human error and maximum accuracy.

Integrate Across Platforms

100% Application Agnostic

Legacy or new, RPA bots know

their way around any application

Customer Experiences

50% Improvement

Create time to focus on the customer

with bots doing the data legwork

Harness Artificial Intelligence

70% within 4 Weeks

That means no rework and

near-perfect compliance



RPA can swiftly automate data validation and migration between banking applications as well as customer account management, reporting, form filling, and financial claims processing.


Deploy RPA to collect, consolidate, and back up data from client phone systems, upload and extract data about competitor pricing, phone manufacturing information and more.

Business Process Outsourcing

RPA has become a major differentiator for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) organizations enabling reduced costs, improved SLAs and operational agility, and increased capacity.

Life Sciences

Achieve better patient outcomes through enhanced productivity and improved quality, while maintaining cost. RPA improves processing times, compliance, and helps engage more effectively with patients.

Public Sector

With RPA, government agencies gain secure, reliable automation that is compliant with all federal mandates, enabling agency employees to focus on improving citizen services.


Let RPA do the heavy lifting for ERP automation, automation of logistics data, data monitoring, product pricing comparisons.

Health Care

RPA alleviates administrative burden by automating healthcare processes, including patient information migration, processing, and storage; medical bill, insurance data, and claim processing.


Automate document creation by pulling from different data sources and using document templates to produce in-depth reports, complex legal documents, and much more.

RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)

Jylek Enterprises LLP is awarded as Center of Excellence by Automation Anywhere.  Jylek Enterprises LLP provide end-to-end solution to the organization requirements using RPA.

Skills we have

Bot Developer helps in Understanding business requirements and creating bots using built in commands.

Business Analysts helps to identify the right job for automation, calculate FTE benefits and build effort estimates. 

Control Room administrator is responsible for creating the roles that your users need to create, schedule, and run bots.

IQ Bot, automates complex business processes that rely on data that requires continuous human intervention.

Expert in how to design an RPA environment to ensure the environment is ready to install Automation Anywhere Enterprise (AAE) Control Room and Client.

Solution Architect translates business analysts’ requirements into detailed designs using RPA best practices.

It shows how to support, build, deploy, and maintain bots, while gaining the know-how to answer client RPA questions.

This trail provides the required skills to help you have better conversations with prospects and customers, win more deals and be more successful.

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